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FrontWay provides either consultant services based on our in house developed PaperFront® software or we provide the PaperFront® software for own use.

PaperFront® covers the whole pulp and paper mill. Our customers are machine vendors, chemical suppliers, mills and consultants.

A model created with PaperFront® will handle the material- and energy balance of a mill. It also handles quality issues, like stiffness, brightness or other.

PaperFront® consists of a number of libraries, that is used within ExtendSim. ExtendSim is a world wide spread platform for simulation.

Our most common delivery, is that You as a customer invests in the PaperFront® software, with an education on the software (2 persons to be educated) and that FrontWay builds the first larger model that You Yourself can use.

We have made a number of successful deliveries, often with a payback time within a year.

PaperFront® can be used by a single engineer up to the entire organization.

Please contact us for more information info@frontway.se. We have many examples of what we have done and have been in business almost 20 years. We have a long term vision saying that

Simulation should be part of the work process and be that important that it’s to be found on each company’s financial yearly report. 

– A process optimization tool for material flow, energy consumption and quality.

– Strong scenario handling and CAD-block based configuration.

– To be used by the pulp- and paper industry.

– To be used by chemical process industry.