Our technical solutions is based on the ExtendSim software, from Imagine That Inc, US. We develop libraries that are based on the ExtendSim Continous Processes platform, today version ExtendSim 10, version 10.0.8 .

Our modelling libraries are working in all available ExtendSimCp platforms, standalone, network, Citrix (or similar), ASP (cloud solutions) and ART.

FrontWay has a long term relationship with the Imagine That development/sales forces and we are also beta testers of new versions.

The latest version 10, is a big improvement compared to the previous V9. We have delivered in V10 since 2019.

Duke Systems

Duke systems is the local supplier in northern Europe of ExtendSim. We have a good and close relationship since long time ago. Together with Duke Systems we can tailor made the setup when comes to the ExtendSim applications all over the world.

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