Experience the wonderful world of simulation through


FrontWay welcomes you to join our two-day comprehensive
simulation course
including a three-month trial period with PaperFront®
The education will be held on demand over Teams or in FrontWays
office in Norrköping depending on your preference

Upcoming education will be held:


Package content

  • Training seminar
  • Three-month trial period with PaperFront on ExtendSim10Cp stand alone


Day 1

  • Introduction to simulation
  • Basic exercises
  • Lunch break
  • Deep dive into PaperFront®
  • Paper machine build

Day 2

  • Recap of day 1
  • Advanced simulation tools
  • Lunch break
  • Tips and tricks

Package price

2800 € + VAT

For longer PaperFront® subscription up front you will receive a  substantial discount on the monthly licence cost.

Please ask for more info.


Some Significant Benefits

  • Scenario and variant handling
  • Versatile toolbox
  • One model, several uses
  • Fast payback time
  • SSG standard symbols.
  • Handles moisture, quality parameters.
  • 100 components, solids, solubles and gases.
  • Covers all processes, including Pulp and Paper
  • Standard and custom reports

How to apply

Just mail us at info@frontway.se and we will set up the education to fit your schedule and needs.

Costings apply for year 2023.

General information about the course

The education will be based on ExtendSim10, which is included in the course price.

Installation will be done before the course begins to save time.

The education can be held in English or Swedish depending on the attendees.

Depending on your need the course can be held over Teams or in person at our office in Norrköping.

We always adjust our courses based on your focus and previous experience with simulation

Specific points to be covered

Day 1 – How to:

  • simulate a fiber line
  • simulate a paper/board machine
  • simulate a pulp line
  • simulate a multiply machine
  • simulate different qualities and grammages?
  • use our versatile scenario handler.
  • do the evaluations based on your specific demand.
  • set up test runs like fiber fractionation or heat exchange.

Day 2 – How to:

  • find bottlenecks
  • find energy thieves
  • control your model via our graph reader.
  • select data from the data base.
  • interact vendor/mill. Possibilities and demands.
  • build hierarchical blocks with animation of your own.
  • create custom report