Client reviews

  • Vi på Fiskeby har med hjälp av Follatech och FrontWay förbättrat vårt vakuumsystem. Resultatet av deras insats, både i form av praktiska råd, som omfattande tekniska beräkningar har varit till stor hjälp för oss.

    Redan efter ett halvt år kan vi se att vi betydligt bättre gångtid på våra pressfiltar. ”Vi har idag oförändrade  egenskaper på våra filtar, vid samma tidpunkt där vi tidigare bytte filt.” Gångtiden är alltså betydligt längre.

    Mängden kross har också minskat avsevärt

    Follatech och FrontWay har bidragit med kunskaper och bra beräkningar så att vakuumsystemet har fått nytt liv.

    Torbjörn Westerlund – Produktionschef KM1

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  • “We at Holmen/Iggesund are one of PaperFront’s first users and we think that it’s a very good software. Why? 

    Because it has all we need in pre-defined simulation-blocks for process-, environmental- and efficiency calculations. It has also several functions that makes it easy to change scenarios or store data.

    We have simulation models for everything between slime growth, pump-capacities and AOX/TOC predictions for investment-basis. Our AOX/TOC-model has over 8000 simulation blocks.

    The precision that comes with PaperFront cannot be made by manual calculations. The results have changed the Mill investment plan, both the projects and their time schedule.”

    Staffan Berg (M. Sc.) – Senior Development Engineer
    Iggesund Paperboard AB (Holmen Group)

  • FrontWay is happy to announce that the ongoing cooperation with Voith Paper will continue and will be deployed even more in depth.

    FrontWay will continue to be the supplier of ExtendSim based simulation software for Voith. This means in practice a roll out and update of the PaperFront system from FrontWay.

    The application is now based on ExtendSim10Cp for worldwide usage, with the central system administration done in Germany.

    The roll out has started in June and is based on long testing and application setup for a proper use within the Voith company. The installation is done with the standard PaperFront, with very few Voith specific modifications. The continuous usage of PaperFront is chosen by Voith due to a well proven concept with a standard application.

    The rollout includes a complete simulation system solution that will be used for;

    – Dimensioning and Engineering
    – Commissioning and Start-up Training
    – Trouble Shooting and Process Analysis
    – Further customer services

    According to Mr Heiko Held, Vice President Product Management Plant Engineering, Voith Paper Heidenheim, the choice of FrontWay as the supplier is based on “a long term successful cooperation with Mr. Anders Nilsson, FrontWay AB, over the last fifteen (15) years. Our engineers are quite convinced of the software and use it daily. It is really a helping hand in our daily business.”

    The PaperFront system is a modern system that is highly customizable according to customers’ demands. PaperFront is developed by the FrontWay company, where process and IT knowledge is combined to a strong solution.