Company history

FrontWay started operate in 2004, with Anders Nilsson alone. In 2007 both Wai Wong and Alexander Hedlund joined the FrontWay-team, and since then the business has expanded. Both in turnover and in delivery capacity.
– PaperFront® was released in 2009.
– BenchFront® was released in 2012.
– ProcessFront® was released in 2015.

Right now

Right now, we analyze, simulate, calculate and offer education for companies in the pulp-and paperindustries.

We sell consultant services or software, like PaperFront®, PumpFront® and BenchFront® to companies like Holmen Paper, Stora Enso, SCA and Billerud/Korsnäs.

Our Vision

Within 25 years from start of FrontWay, simulation is a part of every companies financial reporting and agenda. Simulation helps to be Pro-Active in leadership.

This is our clear vision, and we are very clear about that simulation is not only a mathematical issue, to get the real benefits, you must work together with your organization.

Our Way

FrontWay has a versatile “toolbox” to provide integration between simulation programmes and other applications. FrontWay’s softwares are well structured and well documented. This allows the single user to create his/her own application. The solution we provide is robust and follows common practice.

For the expert and the decision maker:

FrontWay is able to deliver and is a major player within development and use of simulation software in Europe, for the pulp and paper industry. FrontWay can deliver all over the mill, from raw material income to finished goods. There is no limitations when it comes to components, energy or chemical reactions. We have solutions for chemical pulping, TMP, Waste Paper, Board Machines, Paper Machine and Tissue. FrontWay is growing and looking forward to new challenges.

The software is based on common standard software including a strong scenario handler. For the “decision maker” it means that we can analyze a variety of settings with less work. Our solutions are thereby very cost effective and low payback time can be received. The solutions are repetitive and usable for a long time.

For the “expert”, our software is based on a very strong simulation program, that can be used for traditional process questions too. Examples within pulp and paper are CSF-calculations, bleaching operations and fractionation of fiber compositions. Within the same system, we can handle an integrated mill, with continuous/batch digestion followed by one or several paper machines.