We do a lot of things, but at the end it all comes down to process optimization (regarding energy, material, cost and time) based on our own model-simulations. But we also do more things around this specific area – things that makes us reach that optimization, and to make the process easier. To summarize it, we do: Dimensions and proportions, together with Phase-diagrams and simulations of chemical reactions. Besides this, we also educate in process-understanding and use of our systems. Finally, we contribute with investment-basis and dynamic decision support.


We offer a wide range of components, services and features – but for the sake of effectiveness, clarity and simplicity we have split up everything into two boxes. The first one, called ”Consultant Services”, aims to gather everything connected to advicing and instructing – like process education for example. The second package is focusing on the simulation – and aims to gather everything regarding scenarios, diagrams, proportions, optimizations, chemical reactions – all in one simulation package with a lot of different programs, with a lot of different functions. Contact us for more information about us.

For the pulp -and paperindustries.
For the pulp -and paperindustries.
  • FrontWay is looking for a process-engineer

    SWEDISH: Vi behöver förstärka oss med en intresserad processingenjör. FrontWay erbjuder idag processnära tjänster, som är baserade på vårt simuleringsprogram och processkunnande. Det vi erbjuder är unikt och mycket efterfrågat. Vårt erbjudande är långsiktigt och kräver en bra helhetskunskap samt förmåga att kunna förstå hur våra verktyg kan fungera i kombination med andra programvaror och […]

  • Choosen software supplier for Pinch project

    We are happy that Smurfit Kappa, Piteå, has choosen our PaperFront software as the base software for a Pinch project. For further information please contact Anders Nilsson/FrontWay AB

  • FrontWay has delivered and educated in using models to Stora Enso, Skutskär Mill

    FrontWay has delivered models to Stora Enso, Skutskär. In the delivery models has been built covering the digester, bleaching, washing and recovery. The models will be used and updated by Stora Enso themself. We are very happy for this order, beacause it’s one of many orders where our systems are used as part of further […]

  • FrontWay publish it’s first conference paper, at the The ICESM 2017: 19th International Conference on Energy Systems and Management, in Copenhagen

    FrontWay will present a paper, a case-study of the energy saving potential, involving SCA Östrand, SCA Ortviken and Sundsvall Energi. Large saving has been identified by dynamic modelling and a new suggested business case. The paper will be presented in Copenhagen in of June 2017, by the authors shown below. ”Simulation Based Method to […]

  • FrontWay updates models by Holmen Paper, Hallstavik

    For further information please contact Anders Nilsson. Click here.

  • FrontWay receives further order by FollaTech A/S in Sweden

    The on-going collaboration between Follatech and FrontWay continues when comes to simulation of vacuum in paper-machines. References can be given upon demand. Click here to contact us.

  • FrontWay welcomes Billerud Korsnäs Gävle as a customer

    Please contact our MD Anders Nilsson for further information. Click here.

  • ”Lärarkonsult” – Unit Processes in Pulping to MIUN

    FrontWay thanks for the opportunity to participate as a Learning Consultant – Unit Processes in Pulping to MIUN. FrontWay will deliver models, to illustrate and strengthen the system modeling training, so that complex relationships are easily demonstrated. For more information, contact Anders Nilsson, +46(0)708-155812. Click here for more.

  • FrontWay welcomes Meri as a customer.

    FrontWay welcomes Meri, a Voith company, as a customer of ours. For further information, please contact Anders Nilsson. Click here.

  • FrontWay welcomes Voith Paper Inc. Appleton as a customer

    FrontWay welcomes Voith appleton as a customer of us. For further information, please contact Anders Nilsson. Click here for more.

  • FrontWay presents at the “Ekman dagarna 2017”

    FrontWay, Alexander Hedlund, presents news regarding a research project financed by FrontWay. The research project handles decision-support and a large model for the thesis work have been done, presenting very good results when comes to energy savings. The example-model covers a pulp-plant, paper-plant and an incineration-plant. For more information, please contact us here.

  • FrontWay is looking for a master-thesis student

    We are currently looking for a master-thesis student for Na/S-balances in the pulp mill. Please see enclosed information material in Swedish.  Exjobb: Na/S balanser för simuleringsmjukvara Call: Alexander Hedlund, +46 (0) 11 101520 Anders Nilsson, +46 (0) 708 155812

  • Model to be used by operators at Stora Enso Skutskär

    FrontWay receives order from Stora Enso Skutskär regarding building an operator model for training. Please contact Anders Nilsson for further information at +46(0)708 155812.

  • Thanks for visiting us in IWB Week

    Thanks you all for visiting FrontWay at the IWB Week in Stockholm, 24-26th of may. You all contributed to very interesting meetings and contacts.

  • Complete pulp -and boardmill MODEL

    We are happy to announce that we are modelling the complete mill of Iggesund. The mill model includes the two fiber lines, the two board machines, the drying machine, recovery, secondary heating system and waste water treatment. The models handles different variants and scenarios, with an ease and is a good platform for process evaluations […]